Published: 5/24/2022

We invite all interested market participants to submit their bids in accordance with the conditions published in the Invitation to submit bids.

1. Technical specification of the subject of Auction

The supply of electricity to cover the variable part of losses in the transmission network refers to:

PRODUCT: Supply of electricity to cover the variable part of losses in transmission network:

DELIVERY PERIOD: 15.06.2022. to 09/15/2022 years

DELIVERY DAYS: Monday - Sunday

DELIVERY HOURS: 00: 00- 24:00.

STRENGTH AND PROFILE OF DELIVERY: according to the framework Plan for electricity takeover to cover losses in the transmission network, ie: from 0 - 60 MWh/h every hour in the specified period (expected amount of electricity takeover 27 782 MWh)

PRICE DEFINITION: The contract price (Ci) on an hourly basis is calculated as: Ci = Cr + (M * Cr)

where is:

Cr - reference price for hourly delivered energy, price achieved on the Croatian electricity exchange market for the day in advance (CROPEX DA price), expressed in [EUR / MWh]

Coefficient M - margin expressed in percentages [%].

The contract price (Ci) on an hourly basis is expressed in two decimal places.

2. Coefficient M – margin

The coefficient M is expressed as a percentage and rounded to 2 decimal places, and can be less than, equal to or greater than 0 (zero).

The coefficient M, is constant during the term of the contract.

3. Payment deadline and Method of calculation

The bidder shall issue an invoice by the 20th of the month following the billing period.

Invoice payment deadline: 60 days from receipt of the original invoice

4. The place of delivery (takeover) of electricity is the transmission network of the Croatian Transmission System Operator Plc.

5. Deadline for submission of bids: no later than June 2, 2022. at 12.00, HOPS Plc., (Market Department), Kupska 4, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia