Business Activity

The business activity of electricity transmission comprises:

  • transmission of electricity generated in Croatian power plants or imported for Croatian customers at cost while maintaining electricity quality standards and safety of the power system at the highest possible level,
  • transmission of electricity generated in Croatian power plants for export and transit of electricity through the Croatian power system.

The business activity of electricity transmission includes:

  • operation of the power system,
  • ensuring the availability of the transmission network to meet reasonable transmission requirements,
  • contributing to security of supply by providing adequate transmission capacity and reliability of the transmission network,
  • management of electricity flows in the transmission network, taking into account electricity exchanges with other interconnected networks and ensuring the availability of all necessary ancillary services,
  • dispatching power plants and using interconnectors with other networks based on criteria that must be objective, publicly available and non-discriminatory applied,
  • ensuring energy for coverage of transmission losses, energy for balancing and for provision of system services based on transparent, non-discriminatory and market principles,
  • management of network losses,
  • adopting objective, transparent and non-discriminatory rules pertaining to system balance, including the rules for charging balance responsible parties for imbalance,
  • ensuring non-discrimination toward transmission network users, especially toward related companies within a vertically integrated company,
  • providing information to network users as necessary for them to access and use the network efficiently,
  • operation and maintenance, development and construction of the transmission network and a portion of reactive energy generation,
  • carrying out of system users  according to the prescribed conditions,
  • continuity and reliability of electricity supply system and proper coordination among generation, transmission and distribution systems,
  • providing grid access according to regulated, transparent and non-discriminatory principles,
  • determination and allocation of costs incurred in electricity transmission, with consent of the Croatian distribution system operator company - HEP-Operator distribucijskog sustava d.o.o.,
  • taking over the total amount of electricity generated by eligible producers,
  • maintenance of electricity quality parameters,
  • allocation of cross-border transmission capacities.