The Electricity Market Act requires HOPS to adopt a Program setting out and ensuring the application of the principles of transparency and non-discrimination in its operations.


HOPS is obligated to submit a report to the Croatian energy regulatory agency, Hrvatska energetska regulatorna agencija (HERA), on the implementation of the program and publish it on its website. Under the Electricity Market Act, HOPS  is   organizationally and in decision making independent from the Distribution System Operator and from companies within and outside HEP Group which carry out the business of electricity production and supply.


HOPS carries out the business of electricity transmission in a transparent, objective and non-discriminatory manner, ensuring equal conditions for all market participants.


The accounting, legal and management independence of HOPS is ensured by its consistent compliance with primary and secondary legislation. HOPS continuously provides timely information to market participants about all of its business activities, directly or on its website.


Independence, transparency and non-discrimination of HOPS operations is additionally ensured by HERA’s supervision of its business activities. HOPS is obligated to request consent from HERA for certain activities and submit reports to the Agency on its operations.


Compliance of HOPS' activities with the Program is monitored by the Compliance Officer nominated by the Supervisory Board with the prior approval of the Regulatory Agency.

Prerequisite for a successful market competition and equal position of all market participants, is transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to and use of the transmission network.