Operational Planning

According to the time scale, system operation planning is divided in short-term, medium.-term and long-term planning.

Short-term planning includes:

  • preparation of technical data for a day ahead system operation,
  • issuance of consent for technical feasibility of Market Plan and for switching operations in the network,
  • preparation of System Operation Plan
Medium-term planning includes:

  • coordination of maintenance planning  for transmission plants and giving of consent to maintenance schedule for generating plants,
  • preparation of system load shedding plan,
  • preparation of consumption reduction plan in case of major system disturbances  or insufficient procurement of electricity,
  • preparation of system restoration plan.
Long-term planning includes:

  • preparation of long-term demand forecast for the purposes of transmission development planning,
  • identification and investigation of possible weaknesses in the system and selection of technical solution for their removal.