System Operation

HOPS carries out the energy activity of transmission of electricity produced in Croatia or imported from other countries, for Croatian customers or customers in other countries, and transit of electricity through the transmission network of the Croatian electric power system.

A precondition for successful carrying out of transmission activity is efficient operation of the Croatian power system as a whole (electricity production, transmission, distribution and consumption in the Republic of Croatia) and coordination of operation of the Croatian system with neighboring systems and synchronous region of ENTSO-E Continental Europe. The main control center of the Croatian power system is the National Dispatch Center (NDC) in Zagreb.

HOPS carries out the coordination between planning of electricity consumption and production; coordination among import, export and other forms of electricity exchange; dispatches production and transmission of electricity and coordinates electricity supply toward customers; it has the authority and responsibility for switching status of 400 and 220 kV transmission network elements, and for the 110 kV network of system importance.

HOPS ensures and provides system services and ancillary services, prepares reports and archives data about system operation, and analyzes the performance of the Croatian power system. HOPS is independent from energy activities of electricity production and supply.

The system operation is carried out in accordance with primary and secondary legislation of the Republic of Croatia and within the rules of ENTSO-E regional group for Continental Europe.