Transmission Services

Transmission within the Croatian system

use Electricity transmission service within the Croatian power system is provided by HOPS to network users according to the conditions which ensure the highest possible quality of electricity, minimum costs and high system reliability and security. Transmission service is paid by network users through the charge for transmission network use.

Cross-border Transmission

HOPS allocates cross-border transmission capacity to market participants who wish to import, export or transit electricity across Croatian borders and verifies the feasibility of their schedules.

Transit means the transmission of electricity from one foreign country to other or from one  country to this same country through Croatian power system. HOPS approves electricity transits to market participants taking into account technical capabilities and operating safety of the system and agrees transits with system operators of neighboring countries/control areas. The approved transits are scheduled by HOPS in System Operation Plan. HOPS with majority of European transmission system operators as of 1 July 2007 participates in an integrated inter-TSO compensation mechanism for part of the costs incurred on transmission network participating in electricity transit.