HR-SI and HR-HU border

On the croatian-slovenian and croatian-hungarian border auctions are carried out:

JAO (Joint Allocation Office S.A.), as auction office carries out:


- Yearly and monthly coordinated auctions on HR – HU and HR – SI border in accordance with

Day-ahead cross-border transmission capacities on HR-SI border are implicitly allocated under SDAC (Single Day-ahead Coupling) project.

Within the SIDC project (Single Intraday Coupling), also known as XBID (Cross Border Intraday), implicit intraday allocation is performed.

Additionally, at SI-HR border explicit intraday allocation is performed in accordance with Intraday explicit capacity allocation rules between the control areas of Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.o.o. and ELES, d.o.o. 

Signed Statement of acceptance shall be delivered by e-mail.

On following links you can find manuals for accessing XBID Capacity management module (CMM): AMQP public message interface, CMM User manual.